Best Method Of Pedicure At Home

No need to pay prices for a pedicure use these given home tips for best pedicure in homes. I am giving you some tips   for simple and best pedicure in I am telling you the first step of pedicure.

Strip old colour with polish remover with a cotton (don’t use any type of tissue)

Add Epsom salt and scented oil to warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes
Although the bath tub might be easier
Use a large bowl instead the bowl is used just for foot use. That’s why it feels more glamorous and luxurious. place it in your bedroom and relax

Dry your feet with clean towel then exfoliate feet and heels. use stone for removing the dead skin from your heels

Cut your nail with nail cutter. make sure not to go too short tough

Massage feet and legs with cream. it helps great and help to smooth and soften skin

Apply cuticle oil to nail for softening the rough areas

Apply a base court first. then apply two thin court to polish. finish with the top court